The Professional Certificate in

Leadership Coaching for
Organizational PerformanceTM


Evaluation Comments.

This has been a wonderful and eye-opening experience. Having taken the CTI program already, I really appreciate the focus on business and executive coaching that this course brings to the table.

Emily Sullivan, Fidelity Investments

I am in the right place, with the right people, learning the right things. I am very satisfied with my experience so far.

Theresa Moore, Theresa Moore Consulting

The instructors were fantastic – the varying levels of experience, eagerness to share their knowledge, and the encouraging and supportive environment they created helped my personal development within the class and is already having a profound positive impact on my professional life

Shernita Parker, George Mason University

Having been exposed to another foundational piece of another well-known coaching program, this program does a much better job organizing the concepts and presenting them in a much more practical, applicable, and understandable way. I’m excited to continue the journey.

Cindy Balazs, NRO

The program was life-changing. I believe I have become a better leader as a result of the program. I am more present and have enhanced my listening skills and awareness. Organizations seeking to maximize their profits, increase employee retention, and exceed their goals should incorporate coaching in developing their leaders

Linda Stracke, US Department of Education

This course provided an amazing opportunity for self-exploration, an opportunity never afforded to me in my 30+ years of federal service. The self-reflection and exploration combined with the coaching knowledge and experiences gained in this course are invaluable.

Paula Daniel, Consultant