"A little sincerity is a dangerous thing, and a great deal of it is absolutely fatal." - Oscar Wilde

Paul Black

Team Performance Director
First Job Stacking shelves in my Dad's store in Belfast
Next Goal Nailing Spanish
Little Known Fact Shared a scene in a movie with Julia Roberts
Like a spawning salmon, Paul is convinced that swimming upstream is ultimately more rewarding than following the more common contours of traditional career paths. As a result he's managed to work as an engineer in a coal mine, a consultant to Bain Capital and appear in a movie with Julia Roberts all in less than a decade. With a Master's in Fine Arts from Yale School of Drama in one hand and an Honour's Degree in Production Engineering in the other, Paul firmly believes that the Renaissance model of balanced education still beats the band in the twenty-first century.

Ever-striving to find that often illusive intersection of right-brain and left-brain thinking, Paul currently helps companies maximize their people-power by coaching both executives and teams. He is an ICF certified coach, and has a special interest in bringing theatre skills into the business environment.

Paul's current relaxation-du-jour is competing in off-road triathlons and wilderness backpacking with friends.