We make strategy real by changing
how people work at all levels


Innovation / NPD
Innovation entails identifying unmet market needs, translating them into concepts, developing them into products and successfully commercializing them. We work with clients to enable both the creativity and execution necessary for market success.

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Strategic Change
Defining the way we do things around here and making it stick.

Business Process Optimization
Effective process creates better ways of working. It frees people to be creative; to focus on higher-value activities.

Talent & Organization
Philosophy IB makes sure your people have the skills, motivation, and tools to achieve the organization's goals. We create the intersection where commitment meets capabilities.


Executive Coaching
Enables people to reach their potential through a process of self-discovery. Coaching results in sustainable behavioral change by removing long-standing barriers to achieve extraordinary business results.

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Coaching Certification
The Professional Certificate in Leadership Coaching for Organizational PerformanceTM is an International Coach Federation (ICF) ACTP accredited program for individuals who want to develop coaching skills and apply them in realistic organizational settings.

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High-Performance Teams
Teams are the basic unit of organizational performance. We turn working groups into high-performance teams. Our teams don't just produce results, they "click" and sustain those results over time.

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SYNAPP, is a web-based diagnostic tool that provides customized, actionable insights based on an analysis of an organization's informal network. SYNAPP collects data using a brief, 10-minute survey and then generates actionable insights at the organizational and individual level.

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Spokes let's you track meeting interactions in real time. It then analyzes the results against best practices and produces a detailed report that you can use to improve your meeting facilitation skills and ensure appropriate engagement of your entire team.

The app is currently in private beta.

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As a leader in Executive Coaching, Philosophy IB has pioneered the use of a unique online system to keep coaches and coachees aligned and to ensure that executive sponsors have the visibility into coaching progress versus spend so they can justify these critical OD budgets.

CINQ is Philosophy IB's radically simple online system for ensuring you get the most out of your Executive Coaching program.

For details about CINQ, please contact michele.jones@philosophyib.com

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