"You are not only responsible for what you say, but also for what you do not say."

Kevin Nikitczuk

Sr. Consultant
First Job Lifeguard
Next Goal Hike Patagonia
Little Known Fact Never ridden a ferris wheel
Working as a consultant for the firm, Kevin brings a history of biotechnology experience and knowledge to his clients and teams. He has a passion for exploiting his scientific and engineering background to develop and deliver business goals with tangible solutions. Prior to joining the Philosophy IB team, Kevin was part of a technology incubator at a consumer products company spearheading product and business development around the globe.

Kevin is a native to NJ, having conducted his PhD studies at Rutgers University with a thesis focused in immuno-oncology. During his time in graduate school he also helped start a medical device company. ​​

When not in the office or at client engagements, chances are you'll find Kevin enjoying the great outdoors with his wife or grilling in his (or anyone’s) backyard. ​