"You are alive for a short time
and dead for a very long time."

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Kaveh Naficy

First Job Installing gas appliances
Next Goal Be remembered as the coach who enabled leaders to reach their maximum potential
Little Known Fact As a new arrival to the US at the age of 11, I was dropped off at the wrong address in Washington D.C. without knowing a single word of English, I found my way home
Kaveh is Philosophy IB's resident Coaching and High Performing Teams Guru. He is a founding partner who brings over 20 years of leadership and organizational development experience to his work as a management consultant, and leader of Philosophy IB's coaching practice. Kaveh's current coaching clients include senior executives in consumer products, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, and educational organizations.

Kaveh received his BA from Baker University, his Masters in Labor Relations from Cornell, and an MBA from Boston College. In his past life, he was Vice President of Citicorp in Europe, Latin America and the US; Practice leader of Ernst & Young's European Global Client Consulting Strategic Change Practice; and Director of Organizational Effectiveness for Warner-Lambert/Pfizer Consumer Healthcare.

Kaveh is a Board Member of Eliminate Poverty NOW, a non-profit whose mission is to eliminate extreme poverty in Africa by educating people and supporting entrepreneurship, particularly for women, to create a sustainable difference in peoples' lives.

Kaveh's strength is leading using the perfect balance of inquiry and advocacy, and his clients say that they admire his wisdom, gift of observation, and lateral thinking. When not working, you can find Kaveh on a nearby tennis court, reading, or people watching for their less conscious thoughts and behaviors.