"Two birds tied together, have four wings, cannot fly." - The Blind Man

Eric Leong

Creative Director
First Job Graphic artist, creating weekly newspaper ads for Safeway supermarket
Past Life Lived the dot-com life in the San Francisco Bay area
Next Goal Go on a Safari in Tanzania
As Creative Director, Eric Leong oversees the firm's artistic direction as well as manages the development of all online products at Philosophy IB. For client projects, this ranges from print media to web-based applications to website design. But his goal is constant: to provide simple and elegant solutions to convey information and improve the user's experience.

Though a NJ native, Eric began his career as a software engineer and a web developer in San Francisco during the dot-com boom. Since making his way back east and joining PIB, he has been a key collaborator on various initiatives for Fortune 500 clients that include, Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, Time Warner and Novartis.

Eric received his BA from Oberlin College and his BS from Washington University. When he's not fixing up his home, he's introducing his newborn daughter to the musical stylings of The Beatles and Guns n Roses.